Monday, August 27, 2012

Greener Home Quiz

Take our short Greener Home Quiz!

1) What's the best way to cut down on air leaks in your home?

A) Add more insulation
B) Caulking and sealing

If you said B, you are right! Air leaks can increase your heating and cooling bill by 10 percent.
Caulking and sealing them can cut down on your carbon footprint by 865 pounds or 392 kilograms per year.

2) What's the optimal temperature for your water heater?

A) 49 degrees C
B) 60 degrees C
C) 71 degrees C
D) 82 degrees C

If you said 49 degrees C, you are right! Lowering your water temperature prevents scalds and reduces carbon emissions by almost 480 pounds or 218 kilograms.

3) How often should you check your air conditioner and furnace filters?

A) Monthly  B) When it gets warm or cold enough to turn them on  C) Annually  D) Every other year

If you said A, you are correct! Checking air conditioners monthly to be sure they are clean improves the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems and can save anywhere from 5 to 15 percent of your heating and cooling bill.

True or False:
Raising or lowering your thermostat a degree or two doesn't have that much impact on your heating bill?

If you said false, you are right again! Make it easy to save energy this way by installing a programmable thermostat from House Smart Home Improvements.

What in your home uses the most water?

A) Washing machine  B) Dishwasher  C) Sink  D) Toilet

Believe it or not, the toilet is the biggest water user here. Flushing generally accounts for more than one third of  home water use. However, new and improved high efficiency toilets can cut down a toilet's water use by 60 percent over older models. If you have an older model, there are ways to dramatically cut down on their water use.

This information was taken partly from National Geographic's Green Guide.

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