Monday, July 29, 2013

Water-Saving Tips Around the Home

Posted by: Sound Marketing on behalf of House Smart Home Improvements.

Our Fresh Water is a Precious Resource that Needs to be Reserved

Canada has 20% of the world’s fresh water, a huge global endowment and an abundance that has led to a false sense of security.
That is because globally, freshwater species populations have fallen by at least 35% in the past 40 years. Nature needs fresh water to flourish and communities need healthy rivers and watersheds to prosper.
Every action we take to reduce our water footprint, both big and small, helps to improve the overall well being of our rivers and lakes, and the waters that sustain all life on earth.

With fresh water sustainability in mind, along with saving money on our water consumption; what can we do to preserve it around the home? Here are two important things to consider:

Buy a Low-Flow Showerhead

A ten minute shower can use up to 190 litlres of hot water with a conventional showerhead. But a low-flow showerhead can cut this by half and still maintain water pressure - conventional ones use 15 - 19 litres per minute while low-flow ones use about 8 - 9 litres.

Other water saving tips would include taking short showers in place of baths, and avoiding running the water in the bathroom while you're shaving or brushing your teeth.


Save Water as You Care for Your Lawn

  • Can you stand the thought of not having as green a grass as your neighbours? Then why not let your lawn go brown during the summer months. A sprinkler uses up to 1,300 litres of drinking water per hour. If you must water, make sure not to over water your lawn. This wastes water and damages the grass. Mature lawns only need about 2.5 cm of water per week to survive. Place an empty tuna can where you are sprinkling. When it fills up, stop watering. In B.C., relying on natural rainfall is often all you need to maintain your lawn during most seasons.
  • Let your grass grow a little longer. This allows the roots to be more shaded so that they hold water better. Set your mower blades to 5-8 cm.
  • Leave lawn clippings on the lawn to reduce moisture loss.
  • Use compost. Spreading compost on the lawn will provide natural nutrients and increase its moisture retention ability.
  • Reduce the amount of lawn you have, opting instead for patios and vegetable gardens.
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