Monday, January 12, 2015

4 New Year's Resolutions / Upgrades for Your Home

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We are staying indoors more in winter of course, and things can get gloomy what with the rainy foggy weather. Time to give your home some new year's resolutions! With Christmas gone and all the twinkly lights put away, your spirit may need a little pick-me-up. A well organized home with some fresh paint, or maybe a bigger home improvement. Here are some ideas we have for you today. 

1) Organize organize

One of the best and least expensive ways to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter.
Each year most of us acquire a mountain of stuff. Without some regular purging, cabinets and drawers get jam-packed and it becomes hard to find the things you use and enjoy the most. This year resolve to go room-by-room periodically clearing anything that you don't use, wear or love and donate it to charity. Clearing away clutter will give you a relaxing feeling at home, and set you up for getting the idea of welcoming company over, enjoying family and friends.


2) Paint your kitchen cabinets


Do you need to paint or re-stain your kitchen cabinets? This is a great way to make a kitchen upgrade. Oak cabinets can be re-stained to restore their luster, or painted to really brighten up a kitchen. Here are some  painting tips:
Before painting, you should wipe all the surfaces of cabinets that you want to paint by using appropriate cleaner in order to remove any grease and dirt on the cabinets. Let it dry and then do the sanding by using sandpaper to make sure that the paint will stick well on the cabinets’ surface. You can directly apply a primer right after sanding whether multi surface primer or one which is particularly specific to your cabinets’ material. You can simply use a paintbrush or a sprayer by working it from outer edges right to the middle if you want to create a professional look. It is highly recommended to let the primer to totally dry for approximately an hour or more and once it dried, you should sand the surfaces of primer again in order to make them smooth and free of gain. Then do the painting according to your color choice to create a beautiful color on your old cabinets.

3) Fix the front door

Here is an update that will really add a fresh, appealing look to your home. You will gain a lot of upgrade for the amount of money you spend.
If you don’t need to replace your front door, refinish or repaint it. Entry doors take a lot of abuse from the outside elements (including people), and even a new door can start looking weathered rather quick. If you choose to add a fresh coat of paint, use a high-quality paint and a warm, welcoming color that goes well with your home.



Get your place ready for entertaining

Spend more time with family, friends, and making new friends this year. You may feel more inspired to have company over for an intimate dinner, if you do something to upgrade the look of your entertaining areas.
Try some new plants, they can freshen the air and give your room a dramatic statement. How about some new throw pillows, candles, or pictures on your walls? Sometimes new or different lighting is needed to make a space more inviting. Arrange your furniture so that people are sitting a comfortable distance apart to engage in warm conversation. But remember to just have those folks over. As we all know, it is more about the sharing and connecting that really matters anyway!

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