Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful Homemade Hair Care

I could go on about the perils of bathing in the allergens, hormone disruptors and carcinogens in some 80 percent of commercial beauty products in Canada — pointing out how those same toxic ingredients, when
 washed down the drain, go on to pollute our water.
But I won't. You know all that.
Instead, let's focus on what's really standing between you and a non-toxic, super-simple, ultimately effective hair care routine:
Fear not — it works! Doubtful — Try it! Change — can be beautiful!

Do It Yourself!

What You'll Need:
1. Baking soda
2. Apple cider vinegar
3. Your favourite essential oil (optional)
It doesn't sound sexy, but I promise, the results are fabulous!

DIY Shampoo

Combine two tablespoons baking soda with a few drops of water to make a paste. This is your "shampoo" — and why not? It cuts grease, deodorizes and lifts dirt! Work it into your hair, rinse and condition (see below). It doesn't lather — but you'll adapt.

DIY Conditioner

Rinse with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar mixed into a cup of warm water. This balances the pH of your hair and leaves your locks silky smooth. Once you've tried this system, you'll be hooked! Download this and other homemade hair care recipes or mix a larger batch for convenience.

DIY Mist

If you shop with your nose popping open a new product for a smell before you buy — combine a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle full of water and mist yourself after toweling off.

Tovah Paglaro, Queen of Green

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