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How Do I Know if I Need New Windows?

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Six Signs You Need New Windows:

  1. Condensation between panes of glass
  2. Wood windows have rotten frames
  3. Drafts coming in through windows
  4. Bugs coming in through frames
  5. Windows that are broken or not functioning
  6. Leaking or moldy windows



Here are Some Different Styles of Windows



  • Have a crank out hardware mechanism to open and close the windows
  • One key feature to look for is a multi-point lock that will lock your window in multiple locations, ensuring a tight seal.







  • Similar to casement, these windows have crank out hardware, but are hinged at the top
  • Often used in places where it’s difficult to push or pull open a window, for example, above a kitchen sink






  • Come with a seat or walk-in option (you walk into the bay area)







Bay/ Bow

  • Bow windows are similar to bay, but have softer angles










  • These windows have sliders that are either vertically or horizontally placed
  • Two formats; single and double hung
  • Single hung:has a fixed sash on one side and an operating sash on the other
  • Double hung: two operating sashes
  • Often these windows lift out or tilt out for easy cleaning
Picture/Fixed Windows
  • Don’t open or operate
  • They come in many different formats
At House Smart Home Improvements, We Use Energy Star Windows! Energy Star Windows come in all styles, are of the highest quality, offering you the greatest comfort with less energy used.

ENERGY STAR® windows offer these benefits:

  • Double glazing with a sealed insulating glass unit, not only reducing energy costs, but also increasing comfort.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, which are like insulation and sunscreen on windows. This thin layer of transparent protection, applied in the gap between window glass panes, improves your family’s comfort by reducing the quantity of heat passing through the windows.
  • Inert gas, such as argon or krypton, sealed between windowpanes results in reduced heat transfer and minimized condensation, increasing the windows’ insulation U-value and energy efficiency.
  • Low conductivity spacer bars that prevent heat loss and minimize drafts.
  • Lower overall heat loss ratings (U-values), meaning greater comfort with less energy used. 
  • Heat transfer between the inside and outside of a home is slowed.
  • Heat reflection that keeps the sun out during summertime and keeps rooms from feeling drafty
    during the winter. 
  • Reduced fading of fabrics and wall coverings.
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