Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Protect Yourself from Burglars While Away

written and posted by Sound Marketing for House Smart Home Improvements

Home burglaries happen most during July and August, not surprisingly the same months as people pack up and go on holidays. Here is a handy guide for protecting your home and belongings while you are away.

1) Set timers on interior lights: You want to appear at all costs as if you are home...and setting interior lights to come on at certain times in the evening will go a long way in creating this impression. You may also want to program outdoor lighting to come on at certain intervals.
2) Forget facebook: Never let friends on Facebook or Twitter know you are away by posting pictures and information about your whereabouts.You really can't be 100% sure that it is only your friends who see this. Best not to leave any possible way that your being away can leak out to the wrong person.
3) Lock away valuables: Do you have a safety deposit box? or even a safe with a combination lock at home? These are the places to put your valuables such as jewlery, and important documents.
4) Set your thermostat: Programmable thermostats are perfect for automatically adjusting your heat and air conditioning while you are away. 
5) Insulate your pipes: Do you live in a really cold area? You should consider insulating your pipes to ensure they don't freeze while you are away. You will want to make sure you set your thermostat to 55 degrees or higher.

6) Turn on the sound: Connect an old, analog type television or radio (modern, electronic ones come on in standby mode -- not in playing mode), or burglar deterrent CD recordings with a schedule-able player with timers.

7) Arrange for pickup: Have a trusted neighbor or relative/ friend close by? Have them pick up your mail, and keep an eye on your house from time to time.

8) Arrange for yard work to be done: This could be as easy as a neighbor's son that you pay to mow and water your lawn and plants, and trim your yard while away.

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